The Brotherhood Of Mankind Will Prevail
We Always Have, We Always Will, Men Are Supreme

It is clear much of our civilization is under threat. Men made this world, we need to band together free from ‘left’, ‘right’, whatever, to not just fight the crazies who demand that speech and people’s lives are cancelled, that facts do not matter unless they come from special people but also to enjoy life.

These are dire times, much more dire than we are being led to believe. Legacy Media has been downward spiraling for well over a decade, we are not surprised at their outrageous conduct but we felt safe because we had the internet. That is no longer the case.

For years we had a free press called the internet, now they have come for our speech rights online just as many places are being told not to gather together, no humans can organize in groups. Share this as you wish but The BOM has no love, no knowingly direct truck nor trade with Jack Dorsey nor his companies until and unless his operations cease to be based on tyranny.

This is being set up but we need to have physical locations, clubs and such across countries where Men are the only members. Where we can talk and interact between ourselves without the braying censors of the anti-males constantly attacking us. Yes others can be employed or as guests within our spaces but none may claim membership except Straight biological Males.

This is not a drill.

Men freed slaves, men gave women the vote, men allowed lgbtq rights, to slander, slur and smear us as abhorrent so these foul actors can claim top spots over the rest of us is unacceptable.

If you to get this going properly, please contact The BOM: info@thebrotherhoodofmankind.com

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  1. Great initiative

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