100 Years Ago Women Got The Vote, Today They Want To Take Men’s Votes Away

100 Years Ago Women Got The Vote, Today They Want To Take Men’s Votes Away

We are going to have to face some hard truths, one of which is that that women have at least one severe emotional deficit that make them extremely dangerous to allow to control others, outside of their own children.

Disenfranchising Men

Oh sure, they are not explicitly saying hey Men should not vote, they are just saying we are not allowed to hire who we want, men should not be in any leadership positions unless a woman is watching over them, side by side in equal numbers, having a vagina their only requirement. Not brains, not experience just vagina as the only qualifier.

Men do not measure each others penises when we hire people, but anti-man women seem to think their vagina’s are so special they must greedily get whatever they demand. I don’t blame them for being creatures of evolution. As a Man or the Arch Man on the planet, I have to check myself constantly, to make sure I am not attacking or killing others for minor asshole things. We all do this as Men but I do blame many women, not all of them of course, for lacking in self-awareness, not checking their own attitudes towards others before demanding personal compliance in others.

Not All Women Are Man-Haters, Many Are Great

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We have to acknowledge not all women are horrible in this way, many are self-aware and like men, realize we all have things we have to guard against, like being self-centered and selfish. But they are not actively organizing against us. Thank you good people, no matter your genital composition.

Cancel Culture Is Murder Culture

When was the last you saw anything, anywhere asking women to check themselves, their attitudes instead of saying everything they feel is true, nothing and no one else matters but their feelings?

Hey, about getting along with others, live and let live? No criticism allowed, mobbed if you do by nagging lunatics online? Again and again in consistent patterns of behaviour over the years. Social media did not create this, it just gave us the window into their lack of control, the strong desire of women to destroy and kill others who do not agree with them.

Cancel culture are murder attempts. You cannot deny that taking away someone’s living does not kill them due to lack of food and shelter which is the intent of these online mobbings. Remember when Silence = Death? Today if you are a Straight Male, they want to destroy you, White Straight Male they want to kill you. That is Cancel Culture, death and destruction, nothing more.

Blame the Owners and Executives in charge of these companies for allowing it to happen.

How About That?

Abortion is an interesting issue but often mentioned as a woman demanding a man have no right to talk nor control it in any fashion. Okay then you can no longer make laws, rules and regulations for Men. Seems fair to me.

You Think I Am Being Mean

Look at them, you think that mass insanity is something that Men should have telling us what to do? Have you lost your mind, like these emotionally out of control creatures?

Having a vagina does not make anyone a better person than the rest of us. In fact, a case can easily be made that women have one particularly severe intellectual and emotional deficit from it, the fact they produce offspring for the species.

That caring, protecting children means they are more fearful of the world, are dangerously risk-averse, constantly seeking safety even if it inhibits exploration, innovation, and growth. They are biologically disinclined to succeed, to be better than others, to innovate, preferring the safety of a cave over curiosity about life outside the cave.

Tribal and prejudiced against anyone not them, we see this daily when some woman who has no connection to another women suddenly claims she is the same, we are all together! Huh? Individual situations do not exist?

No, they are just intellectually and emotionally stunted compared to men, programmed to be selfish due to their biology which is almost entirely focused on caring for their offspring but also being part of the Top Predators on Earth, they also have predatory instincts, desires, wants and needs.

Sneaky Predators

Due to their fragile nature, women cannot compete with us directly so for centuries have adapted to use Passive Aggressive strategies. For example, seducing Men to make them do things to other Men while proclaiming they are morally pure when they do it. Often outwardly oblivious or seemingly oblivious to their own dismissive attitude towards others. Often derived from the smug contempt, hatred, envy, jealousy of some man or all men.

These women in the video’s from the 1960’s are exactly the same cohort of many women in power today. They studied this craziness and they found yes, lack of emotional control.

Evolution And Men Made Women

Let us face facts, for most human-type species, women were slaves and/or property for hundreds of thousands or maybe millions when you consider far earlier evolutions.

Not only did evolution shape them as caregivers with all the selfish and self-centered baggage that means they have, but men bred them for favourable qualities to us. We also shaped their evolution by selecting for traits that helped us.

Does that mean we re-enslave them? Of course not. We just have to look at laws to remove their control over Men in the same way they have demanded to remove our control over whether our children are born or not.

Tomorrow I Will Tell You Exactly What Women Are In Terms of Evolution, Why They Behave The Way They Do

If I or you thought man-hating women would hate this today, tomorrow will be on another level of reality.

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