What Are Women re: Evolution?

What Are Women re: Evolution?

The Great Mammalian Advantage

Our species, our Animal Grouping, the Mammals are not the first to come to life on Earth. We started off as small little things that could run away.

So, how did Mammals manage to survive on a planet with not only massive and deadly dinosaurs but massive worms, insects and fishes all looking for an easy meal?

It was not by being larger and stronger animals. Not by having better fangs nor amazing claws, no our advantage was something the world had never seen before, Mobile Eggs, or more accurately, Mobile Nests.

Mobile Eggs, Mobile Nests

Birds, fish, reptiles, all have to guard their eggs or forget about them, leaving them open to being consumed by predators or destroyed by some other means. All the more advanced creatures that came before us had strategies to deal with nesting their young. Some protect a few eggs in it, others produce massive amounts of eggs so if most get destroyed, some will live.

In the case of birds we see them guard their nests, often with the female being more of the stay at home guardian of the eggs she produced. Which is great, the perfect thing to be, protecting your young when they cannot protect themselves.

To do it though, the females need special qualities that do not necessarily translate into success for the males, or their species in general.

Control-Freak Females

Think about the qualities necessary to defend a nest. Everything around you must be controlled in order to protect the nest. There is no other way. If you let an insect live a few inches or feet away from the nest it might come for you or your young when they hatch. Same way if a predator bird is flying above, best to send at least your mate to attack or harass that bird, long before it reached the actual nest.

Being a control-freak helps the female bird keep her young alive until they can depart on their own. Until then, the female must be vigilant and selfish about her perceived needs directly around her nest. Not off, two miles away from the nest for example, but directly near the nest.

Mammalian Supremacy

That is how Mammals conquered, or colonized the Earth, by being better breeders. Not through physical force alone but by being able to relocate our eggs whenever danger or opportunity came calling. Anything else, other advantages about Mammals are ancillary to this core advantage, having mobile eggs.

Mobile Human Egg Issues

The problem with Human Females is that they still retain that selfish, overly-protective core function of females from the past. The problem becomes two-fold:

1. Instead of the nest being local to a small area on Earth, the nest becomes wherever a woman decides to walk or travel to;

2. Because we are creatures of the Mind, some of that territoriality is not just about controlling the physical environment around her, but to also control the minds, thoughts and feelings of those around her.

The mammal babies are the eggs, with the female mammal, or in our case the woman herself a mobile nest, with all the positives and negatives that entails.

Instead of being territorial about just the nest area, now they are territorial about everything and everyone around them, no matter where they go. If unchecked, if self-awareness by women is lacking on this issue, it leads to severe problems, some of which we are experiencing in society today.

Since we are creatures of intellect, of the mind, it is no surprise females are also seeking to control our minds, what we think the same way a mother bird will seek to control what happens around her nest. With mammals, regretfully the females are mobile nests so anyone or anything around them could be attacked or demanded to change according the Mobile Nest’s, the woman’s perceived wants.

What To Do

Please remind women that their personal feelings in a specific situation do not translate to every other woman on the planet, that they have to guard against being too self-centered not because they are bad people, but because biology is driving them to be control-freaks where it is not good to be control-freaks. The same way we as Men must control our urges to violently put down some idiot behaving in a minor, asshole way.

We all have limitations brought on by our biology, we all, Men and Women, need to be responsible to check ourselves, not get carried away with the hangovers of evolution that were necessary in a more violent past.

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