American Hero: Governor Ron DeSantis

American Hero: Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is an inspiration, a true American Hero.

While many ‘leaders’ in politics cower in fear of the “junior high hall-monitor tattling and Stasi-like citizen surveillance” that legacy media specialize in, terrorizing citizens instead of informing them, the Governor simply stood his ground.

Perhaps you think it is too simple an act but out of all the Governors in America he took the heat directly then led his state to have one of the best results of any state from the coronavirus. He actually stood with his citizens in Florida.

Praise Florida

Florida State is often the butt of jokes in America, let us end that now. Florida under Governor DeSantis did the right thing, the smart thing. Then took the heat directly for doing so, the Governor goes from strength to strength.

It is the thing Men do, take the hard decisions then live with them, taking responsibility. He is the only one I currently see being Presidential in any way, shape or form.

Be inspired, do something beyond your day-to-day, get informed outside the ever-narrow media bubble. Achieve greatness through education, knowledge, internal fortitude and action. Stand your ground.

It would be nice to put this on coffee cups, t-shirts and the like for sales but not only is the law against such uses without the consent of the subject but also there is the right to control your own image.

I have perhaps what could be called intense concerns on the latter issue, controlling your image in the world, so there is absolutely no way I would ever seek to take that right from any public figure in America.

If you want to download a copy to print off for your home or dorm or to have fun with the Governor one day but not sell nor say The Governor endorses something then I think that is alright to do. This moment in history is important. Ron stood up for what is right when no one else in his position did, a true American Hero.

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