The ability to say blunt things to people’s faces

The ability to say blunt things to people’s faces

An important Male trait that needs to be emphasized. The ability to call out bullshit to someone, anyone’s face.

In the video Briahna Joy expresses consternation at having to listen to the sorry story about Biden’s son while wanting to call him out for not pushing health care plans that would obviate the problem, for example. A man would be like no, these are the facts, stop emoting about it to deflect from them. I am sorry about your son but these are the facts then the discussion would proceed. Shutting down debate with emotive calls simply means the problem does not get solved.

When they say ooo look at X,Y,Z feel sorry, do not criticize me this is used to entrap others including men but females fearful of causing offense can be more affected by these bullshit-spreading ploys.

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