Michael’s Third Nipple

Michael’s Third Nipple

You know, last century the Catholic Church and others kept going on about the anti-christ. From where and what would this supposed creature emerge? Among other things it was often said there would be a jewish connection, got it, eastern european, oh hell yes and of course he would have a third nipple.

So, would you like to see my third Nipple?

Do not like seeing my face, or certainly do not like using to promote. Huh, I was happy to do so when I was younger, I must hate the grey hair along with the the goofy eyeballs, but well, action it is.

If you want to help.

Do Yourself And the World A Favor If You Can, Please, Help Fund This:
Anyone can send PayPal to funding@TheBrotherhoodOfMankind.com
In Canada you can send an eTransfer there along with the password for the transfer to the same email address.

See The Explainer for more about Michael, why do this video. Image below explained there.

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