Trans: Psychiatry’s House Of Cards Crumbles

Trans: Psychiatry’s House Of Cards Crumbles

Number one, Trans people are not the problem, they have a problem. A severe and deeply troubling problem. They claim their body is wrong, the image they have for themselves in their own mind does not match what they see or feel in real life. This is a severe mental health issue as the thing that is telling them they have wrong body parts is their body, their brain.

What is happening now is not a failure of Trans people nor a failure of critics of current trans therapies. It is a massive failure of psychiatry, a failure that shows the so-called field is nothing more than social conformity. Psychologists and in particular, psychiatrists make false claims of knowing how the mind works in order to make money, earn a living, get their ego stroked.

When you look at how they are educated it becomes clear psychiatry is a confidence game, not a scientific pursuit. They get basic medical education then they go into a psychiatry specialization. They use their ability to understand, be literate in the biological sciences in order to then claim this knowledge means they know the mind. The problem is the do not do anything medical scientists do to determine something.

I was trained as a hard scientist. Even before college and university I was totally into all the science books in school libraries, experiments, etc. As a boy into adulthood. Totally into it. When we want to study something we have to take our emotions, our wants and desires out of the study. It is not easy but there are set ways to do so in Science.

For example in chemistry we measure many things including the weight of some substance, the air pressure, humidity a lot of things can affect your experiment so they all have to be measured and ideally, controlled. When the final product comes out a chemical reaction we may have some ideas how much of that product should come out but it does not depend upon our thoughts, our opinions. We just weigh it, no emotions necessary.

With animal subjects like Humans, you have to do double-blind studies to make sure the experimenter is not imposing their bias on the experiment while also not allowing the subjects to know too much about what is going on. This is where the recorder of the experiment, the one doing the observations cannot know who is what part of the experiment.

When we test drugs, we do this. Neither the scientist observing the subjects, the people, know who got the real drug nor who got the placebo, the fake drug. This way the results can’t be influenced by the experimenter.
But not in psychiatry, nope, in psychiatry not only is this practice not used, it is explicitly banned for fear of ‘harming’ others.

There is literally no way to tell if the claims psychiatry are making are real as they do not test most of their things in a way that science understands to be neutral, free from emotions and bias. What they are doing is saying hey look, I know abut these organ systems how blood pumps through the body, so I am so smart that you can trust me to tell you how to run your life.

The Trans issues exposes the confidence game, their fraud. It is a series of failures that begin with not being able to accurately or at all describe how the mind arose in Nature. They have nothing, zero, no idea how the brain truly functions as a thinking organ. They completely ignore the fact that these people who claim their body is wrong based on what their brain is telling them but their brain is also part of their body.

So the idea these people know they have wrong body and the only way they can be helped is if we all pretend they are not the same sex as the one they are born with, that is just the definition of tyranny and insanity. All to cover up their failure to accurately understand the human mind.

Like all hard scientists, I was trained to look at the origin of things in order to understand them. I found it, you can read more about that at Our minds evolved out of the ability to sense and manipulate Time, a part of environment which other forms of life also do. There are many who do not want to accept their lives have been lived incorrectly and are resisting.

The solution of course is to not demand others pretend someone is something they are not. The solution is to help these people understand their body is their own body, their brains are part of their body. If their brain which is part of their body is telling them they are in the wrong body, their brains are not functioning correctly. We need to solve that.

If we cannot but these people find comfort in changing their secondary sex characteristics then let them but only as adults. People telling society everyone has to play pretend in law so this small minority does not commit suicide is clearly trying to deflect and hiding their own mistakes.

That is the problem, idiot psychiatrists are trying to cover their asses for failing to understand the human mind. They are egomaniacally ignoring my own work, like stupid savages, or more charitably, like the children to my adult.

They are covering up their complete failure by demanding everyone else in society play pretend. Their con game has been exposed.

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