Community Policies

  1. Membership.
    Membership is restricted to biological Males. Michael will decide who and who is not a Member, no one nor anything else.
  2. Real Names Only
    Cowards hide behind lies, fake names and the like. Having the courage of your convictions, fortitude, is a basic requirement for being a Man. Facebook is a good login system as they require ID and we will do the same on a case by case basis, for now.
  3. Discussions of Violence
    Violence is a normal part of life on this planet. As men, we need to talk about our feelings that relate to this so we do not actually go out to commit violence. When it goes over the line or immediate threats of violence then Michael will deal with it on a case-by-case basis, for now. Law Enforcement is always possible depending upon the situation.
  4. Spam will be banned with with financial penalties demanded from the Spammer.
  5. These policies may change or alter in or at any Time.

Michael Tripper
Wednesday, February 10, 2021