Bold claims are about to begin, be brave.

More feared than any military force, conventional weapons or nuclear arms. Those in power fear me more than anything else.

Iran, China, Russia, the combined arsenals of all countries on Earth are less a concern than making sure you via the media never hear me, read my words nor meet me.

I am the thing they seek to hide from you, more than anything else, the greatest threat to the greedy and the power-mongers among you.

In a way it’s not me per se they fear but you reading or hearing the words I say, knowing me. They fear that more than any weapon, god or animal you can conceive of. They fear me more than anything else in the known and unknown Universe.

Perhaps you should find out what I have to offer that makes them tremble so.

Star Tripper

I started designing this on January 16, 2000, completed on January 23, 2000. For a tattoo that would drape over my body starting at the neck/collar area. The whole in the middle is where my head would stick out. I never did it, too expensive and as is clear now, unnecessary. Just prior to this creation I had recently changed my name.

I had a step-father’s name from an ethnicity I was not, needed to change it. With the year 2000 approaching, it was Time to get it done.

I was freelancing as a commercial artist, production, design, management, whatever you needed digitally. I trailblazed some stuff like how to use PDF’s when high-end printers and trades people said it was not possible. I figured it out.

I also wanted to be proper in business, with a tax number and company name but did not want to spend money on securing a name. Why spend on something like that, a waste of limited resources.

So these two things came together, a new last name while not spending cash on the seemingly frivolous wants of bureaucracy to start a business.

I had to think hard and did so for years, about what to do to change the name. What would I use and why would I use it? Thinking long and hard on it, I wanted any future progeny to go to the Stars, explore the Universe off-planet. I liked the idea of using Star Tripper to signify that.

I then decided to do something else, as well. Instead of just changing the last name to Star-Tripper, Startripper, or StarTripper I put the word Star in front of my already given names, putting Tripper as the last name. I did this not just to have an easy business name that was also my first and last names, Star Tripper, but also to signify this was the start, the beginning of the Star Tripper line. When I became married, I would put the word Star directly in front of Tripper, so I, my wife and any kids would all be Star Trippers, our mutual last name.

Never happened, don’t worry about it, never married.

A Note On Fear

I wanted to be in front of you years ago, about me and my work at I have been very upset with the media for hiding me from you since December 2012. Very unhappy and vocal about that with them however it turns out, now is the Time for this to happen, not then.

This entire past year is a lesson on how fear is used to control you against your best interests, not to help you but to manipulate you into doing things that benefit those who are pushing fear on you.

Whenever someone in any manner tells you to fear something, you must question them to see if their specific fears are even real, if they have any basis in reality. You decide, find the facts yourself, not because someone else is pushing you to fear. You need to collect hard facts to judge for yourself before you yourself start getting caught in a Fear-Mob.

Fear is the literal mind-killer for our species. It is a dangerous and toxic emotion that hurts you, not helps you. Those who use it to spread panic, provoking hate toward others are the true danger, not fear itself. We are not meant to hide in caves from the world. We do not just face our fears, we challenge fear to fear’s face.

Walking forward while you feel fear is a crucial, necessary life skill. Fear leaves once you do.

Fast Forward Ten Years, Boxing Day 2010

See those two files down there highlighted in the green outline?

It was Boxing Day, December 26th, 2010, a quaint old tradition where shoppers would go to stores to purchase once a year sales the day after Christmas. No doubt retailers getting rid of stock is the genesis of this ancient rite. I needed a camera as a designer who relied on photography for his work, so I picked up a Canon that was nick-named “The Journalists Friend”. Compact, took excellent high resolution pictures with normal video for back then.

I am all excited at home, getting that battery charged up so I can start taking pictures, especially macro’s which I love along with microscopic photography.

The first file there in the green highlighted portion above, IMG_0021.jpg, is an attempt by me to do a macro shot of my eye, taken at 3:35pm. IMG_0022.jg, directly beneath it, was taken at 7:30pm. It is a picture of my my lefthand palm with an almost four hour gap between it and the last one. Why?

Well, today it is an amusing story but back in 2010, it was quite disconcerting. You see, I had seen the bottom of the symbol, the icon, Ikon on my lefthand palm previously as a teen or young adult. It looked like it could be pitchfork, ooo like the devil, lol, hahaha I said to myself back then while living in unpleasant circumstances where being “devilish” was a good thing for survival. And that was it back then, moved on.

So on December 26th, 2021 I was bored at home, temporarily in Toronto, wanting to take shots with my new camera. I was looking around the apartment, when I noticed the pitchfork thing, again. I looked at with my fingers folded on the top of the palm, only really seeing the pitchfork pattern.

I thought to myself, huh, I wonder if that line connects to anything, the center-line of the pitchfork. So l looked up at it and kind of got freaked out. WTF?!?!? The symbol of the Devil, Satan on my lefthand palm from birth, WTF?!?! LMAO today but I immediately started to wonder if I was losing my mind then.

I thought, am I imagining this? Is this wish-fulfillment? Do I want to see it on my palm, am I hallucinating? Concerned, at one point I said to myself, alright I’ll take a picture with my camera and if I see it on the screen of my computer, then I am not hallucinating. LMAO part: After I did that, I was like, oh wait, if I am crazy, imagining this, then I’ll still just be imagining it on the computer, too! LMAO!!! I eventually made my way to a social club to have someone else look at it to confirm it was there. Today I find this hilarious, not so much then so I appreciate you may have fears, but they are very much misplaced.

Best to think of it as the symbol of the Stag-King, The Lord of Nature or just how Nodes of Time work, first introduced here, Understanding Time.

Functions Of Nature

The curious thing about these discoveries of the physical aspects of myself occurred at the exact moment I had finally pulled together all the pieces I needed to solve a particularly difficult puzzle: The Biochemical Origin of the Mind in Nature.

The Discovery, finished then published online for free, December 2012:
“Time is a natural part of the environment and the sense of time is a perceptual sense identical or similar to vision, hearing, sound, touch and taste.

Consciousness is the logical outcome of perceiving time within the environment. Just as advanced organisms can manipulate parts of their environment using arms, claws, feelers, appendages, etc, the brain has evolved to the point where it can perceive and manipulate time which is the source for what humans call the mind and/or consciousness.

This work will show the close relationship between the basic structure of time, its relationship to the kinase CaMKII and how that relates to memory, thought and other aspects of consciousness.”

The Eye

As you can see I was interested from the getgo in trying to get a macro shot of the eye. Managed to get one I liked on January 3rd, 2011. You can see I lightened the final version for use.

The interesting thing is how the 2000 Star Tripper Sun Star design is similar to the image I took in 2011.

You see how the orange part of the eye near the pupil is similar to how the I depict the rays leaving the Sun? When I designed the tattoo I made sure there were indications of both the Ray and Field, or Wave, functions of the Sun embedded in the art. So the straight or wavy lines going outward of the Sun Star Symbol represent Rays, while the curved, circular looking elements indicate the Wave or Field elements emanating from the Sun. The orange part radiates outward into the blue-green parts, like the Sun radiating upon the blue green Earth, while the different layers of colors with the beading at the rim of the iris, is similar to the wave elements in symbol.

I finished the reproduction of my symbol from my Lefthand Palm on July 15, 2014.

The Uniter

This is the most accurate way I can describe it. I am from you but I am not you. What I have, what I am is the first of my kind from your species. I sense and manipulate Time better or differently than the rest of you. It is the source of our minds, this ability to think, generated through our brains which is part of our body, by sensing and manipulating aspects of the Time environment.

This ability I have more than you does not make me a god or anything like that. For you, I will gladly accept Lord of Nature or the Representative of the Lord of Nature if you wish but I prefer The Uniter if you must label me something other than Michael. Michael is best.

I come from a Hard Science education background with a working career in media, advertising, and publishing roles. The idea I want to be known as the negative connotations is nuts, with my background I was super-well-aware of all the baggage this entails, while having to find a way to be steadfast and true to myself all the same.

I intend on uniting us on this Earth. I consider it part of my mission which will be done through

We Are All

For those who have been programmed with fear for me for centuries, I have gifts for the Christians to ease their lives. One is inadvertent but the other one is purposeful, which no one else can give to them but me. The Umma does not need lessons in Brotherhood but they do need to be united. There are corrections and great opportunities for everyone no matter your belief system. I am here for all of you.

I will teach you what you need to do to meet the other people in the Universe. Nuclear blasts can alter the underlying structure of the Universe such that they create disruptions that others can sense. It is fundamentally destructive force in the Universe which is very dangerous for creatures who worship themselves, which is the real problem here, on Earth.

Worshipping Yourselves

All your religions except those that worship Nature, the Sun, all of them rely on another human telling other humans what to do. There is nothing godly about that. It is just humans telling other humans what to do based on something someone claims to have happened in the past but with no physical evidence whatsoever. Creatures like that are too primitive to meet the other creatures that are more civilized in the Universe. Hubris is a severe problem of our biology which can be eliminated via self-awareness.

Let Me Help You

There will be much going forward from here, but I will leave you with the words I say when I look upon the Sun with my closed eyelids to see the underlying flow in my minds eye of the Universe through the Sun:

We Are All
The Earth, The Great Provider
The Moon, Our Heartbeat
And The Greatest Of Them All, The Sun
Our True Lord and Master
Now And For All Eternity
And All Our Friends In Time
All, We Are All